As the services we provide are based on our commitment to our customers, we adapt to their needs, to the characteristics of their line of business, and to each project. This commitment drives us to remain at the cutting edge of the sector in order to offer our customers the latest solutions in every section of the market.


Support with your assessment

The quality of the assessment phase is key in allowing our customers to choose the best solution, which is based on an accurate examination of the characteristics and needs of every project. Our priority is the quality and durability of every solution, and therefore, the choice of material and application process are of utmost importance.

  Reports and Service Trips
  Specific Solutions
  Certifications and Warranties


Technical advice in Projects

Our knowledge and analysis of the trends in the building sector and our awareness of recent changes in the law concerning the new requirements in terms of energy saving allow us to offer a comprehensive assistance on the new legal scenario and on the building models and solutions that stem from it.

  Building Energy Simulation
  Analyses and Constructive Details Resolution
  Comprehensive Assistance: CTE, CE, Passivhaus.



On Site Assistance

The key aspects of our outstanding support to technicians and professionals are our specialised assistance and the fact that we get constant trainings on new products, systems and application techniques. In this area, we can provide with:

  On site control and monitoring
  Technical Assistance and Support
  On site monitoring


Colour Study

Any colour and texture you can imagine, both in terms of decoration and interior design or for industrial purposes, is made possible with our Colour Studio (Estudio del Color) systems. These systems are available for both direct customers and professionals that work on proposals and projects for their clients.

  Tinting System
  Design assistance
  Real Samples



Pathology diagnosis

Imperdeco Balear invests constantly in the latest instruments and tools to detect pathologies in buildings. This allows us to identify them in a non-invasive way, to choose the most appropriate and accurate solutions, and to save costs in the detection process. As a consequence of that, we can provide the best efficiency and durability in every application.

  Instruments, Devices, and Specific Equipment
  Non-Invasive Diagnosis
  Precise and specific Solutions