In building’s façades, coatings are the key factor for the optimal preservation and protection against external factors and the climate.


The key features in quality coatings are:




Stability through time


Steam permeability


Excellent adherence to substrate


Versatility in terms of decorative and aesthetic finishes

Nanoquars (NQG), the technology for the perfect façade

NQG technology provides façades with such a high resistance that it stops both deterioration because of the passing of time and prevents the damage caused by external factors like sun radiation and water. This is possible thanks to the benefits of using silicone resin paints and silicate mineral paints.

In addition to that, Nanoquar’s three-dimensional reticular structure creates a steam-permeable net, preventing the deterioration and damage caused by humidity.

The main advantages of NGQ technology are the following:

  • High water repellence

  • High steam permeability

  • A light slate effect

  • Easy application to any substrate

  • Excellent adherence to substrate

  • High mineral and dirt resistance

  • Self-cleaning façades, preventing adherence of dust particle

  • Maximum colour stability

  • Durable results